01. About Us

IMVENDOR.COM is a free Classified ads website, where you can List your business free on the worldwide map, post free ads for Jobs, Cars, Selling and Buying stuff and Services.

We cover Business promotions and local listings, Community events, sales, Daily deals, Jobs, Pets, Vehicles, Services, Real Estate and Shopping.

02. Do I need to sign in before posting?

Yes you have to Register with valid email because customers can easily contact you if you have email.

For Registration click Register at top left corner and provide valid email address and then click post ads and follow the steps. The process is made very simple it takes only 1 minute to post an Ad.


03. What is the difference between Regular Ads and Feature Ads?

We provide two kind of Ads one is regular which is free Ads and visible at the bottom of the page, the other one is Feature Ads which is paid Ads (£5 each) and more visible online at our feature Ads area bellow map.

Check pricing plans for more details.

04. What payment options are available for Feature Ads?

Currently, we are only accepting payments through Paypal, just select your desired price plan and click on it and it will take you to Paypal payment website.

05. Contact Us

If you are having an issue or not sure about anything we can be easily contacted through our online form on our Contact us page.

06. How to post Ads online on IMVENDOR?

1- Go to imvendor.com Click on register at the top left corner and enter your user name and valid email address. you can also sign in through your “social Id” , click on social icon and enter your id and sign in.
after sign in you can complete your profile and contact details in “Edit profile (Settings)” if you want to enter your website link and promote your business Profile.

2- Click on “post your ad!” button on top right side

3- Give title to your ad

4- Select Category for your post

5- Put price for your Ad or product, leave it empty for free

6- Enter your city/country or target city/country for Location

7- Enter a Description of two line or 160 characters about your product or business, Ad will not be approved without description.

8- Type or paste an address and (must) select from the dropdown list and adjust it on the map by dragging it if needed. Your address/city/postcode is compulsory here otherwise Ad will not be approved.
If you enter postcode it will show your exact location on the map and your business will be more visible online to the customers.

For map it’s very important to enter your city/postcode on the map.

9- Enter name or related keywords for your ad in Tags to make it available throughout the website.

10- Upload feature image, a full-size picture which will help your product/business visible on the map with a price.

11- Add more images which will show up on your Ad pages. you can also upload VIDEO for your ad, click share button below your YouTube video and copy video embed code (iframe) and paste it in the box from Youtube, Vimeo etc

NOTE: please do not upload the same or duplicate ad twice.

07. How to Use Map

when you upload your ads it shows on your local maps, which makes it easy for local customers to see the Ads.

08. When my Ads will expire?

Feature ads which are more visible online and stay on the main page for 30 days or more according to the price plans and then after expiry time it will become a regular Ad and will not expire.

09. Price Plans

While posting a new ad, Click “Featured pricing plans” at the bottom of the page before publishing Ads and select you to desire plans from the list and click buy.

10. How many Ads I can post?

There is no limit on posting ads. but we do not allow the same ad twice.

11. Online Support

Our online support is available 24/7 just go to contact us page and submit the form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

12. How my ads can be more visible online?

We have special feature ads area for special ads which are paid only, check  price plans for further details.

12. Adding your website link?

Only Featured Ads are allowed to put one website link in the post or ads or put your website link in your profile, => go to Edit profile (settings) on the right side of your profile and include your link, contact us for more details about keywords optimisation.

13. Why my post is DELETED, Pending or not showing on the map

Before uploading Ad make sure you complete these steps

  1. put unique title and description for each Ads, (duplicated title/desc will be removed)
  2. put your local address and confirm it on the map, and also show your city (location), and make sure to put your business contact details, logo, company name.
  3. product or company picture is must for all type of Ads.

13. Why my posts are not separate on map at one location

When you upload your ads on one location it will be together, to fix this just go to that ad click edit and drag your pin a few inches away on the map at the same location and click publish.


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